Crew Members

Ryan Chandler

Ryan J.S. Chandler

Executive Producer / Creator / Writer

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President of Flapjack Studios, is also a writer, series creator, character designer, and story editor. A graduate of NSCAD University, he is trained in animation, film, screenwriting and the the traditional arts.

Stacy Smart

Stacy Smart

Executive Producer / Writer

Stacy Smart is the Vice-President of Flapjack Studios and a story editor, writer, and background artist. A graduate of NSCAD University, she is trained in traditional arts.

Max Lingley

Max Lingley


A graduate of the NSCC animation program, Max Lingley is a script writer and animator for Flapjack Studios.

Flapjack Studios

Flapjack Studios is a Canadian based company specializing in original series creation and pre-production of animated entertainment for a mature audience.

Flapjack Studios was founded in 2008 by two NSCAD graduates intent on creating television shows with a contemporary voice. With a love for character driven narratives, comedy, and a fascination with the human condition, the members of Flapjack seek to meld these elements into some of the best adult entertainment of our age.

We are currently in the pre-production stage of our first animated television series. We hope you will stick with us as we continue to create cutting edge entertainment for your future enjoyment.