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Last but not least, here is the third page of today's update. FU #29 is called "Welcome to FU."

Hold the phone! Maybe university isn't so bad after all. Would you look at that cool lobby. Woooow. Seriously, this school is lookin' might fine. Let's hope for Josh that the amount of sheer bewilderment helps offset his feelings of fear and doubt. Maybe there's still hope for a good first impression?

And what's this I hear about FU being the last post secondary institution left on EARTH? For serious? Better pay close attention to that world building plot stuff, it's important! FU might be more than meets the eye after all. Alas, Josh has no time to read into subtle hints and foreshadowing as he is more concerned with not being trampled to death. Oh well, he'll learn soon enough. So that's it for today's update! Please like and share Flipside U on the interwebs. Thanks. Peace out.

Author: Ryan J.S. Chandler of Flapjack Studios (c) 2016