flipside u comic 64 - Undignified

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Undignified - FLIPSIDE U #64

Hey yo! Mr. Flapjack here. Yeah, I am a little late with this update, but hey, at least it's on a Saturday. Haha. Anyway, here's my new page called "Undignified."

Haha, Derek is getting funnier and funnier, no? He's a complex fellow, that's for sure. I love his automatic hasty pose. This page in particular was a fun one to draw and a challenge to panel. I hope you all like it. And like last time, here is a wiki exert on the word Undignified for your reading pleasure.

Lacking in dignity, or unseemly, inappropriate, unsuitable, improper, unbecoming, unrefined, inelegant, ungentlemanly, beneath you, unladylike, indecorous, infra dig (informal), lacking dignity, beneath your dignity etc. Pretty simple, huh?

Author: Ryan J.S. Chandler of Flapjack Studios (c) 2016